Rhea Drinks Onesti Winery Certification - OEVE Consulat Romania
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Rhea Drinks Onesti Winery Certification

On Thursday 4 April 2019, in the presence of Eques Sergiu Nedelea – Consular Chamberlain and President of the Oenological Commission, Eques Eugen Burca – Legate 1 Bacau, Consiliarius Sorin Petrescu – Legate 2 Bacau, Iudex Cristian Bunea – Commander S.C.Bacau and other confreres from the Bacau Regional Legate, the ceremony of awarding the OEVE Certification Plate to Rhea Drinks Wines from Onesti, the classification category being “3 Glasses”, took place. Mr. Marius Munteanu, owner of the shop, with his collaborators. Congratulations to both the representatives of the certified location and the colleagues involved in the certification process!