Participation of the delegation of the Romanian Consulate of the OEVE in the Knight Festival in Sevnica, organized by the Slovenian Consulate of the OEVE

On 13 May 2023, the Consulate of OEVE Slovenia organized the annual Festival of Accreditation of New Members and Induction into Rank, a ceremony at which the Romanian Consulate of OEVE was represented by Proconsul Marius Farmazon. The event, attended by more than 150 OEVE members and guests, was held at the parish church of St. Nicolae from Sevnica, Posavje region. The Posavje wine-growing region, located on the lower Sava River, is the smallest Slovenian wine-growing region and is divided into three wine-growing districts: Dolenjska, Bizeljsko-Sremič and Bela Krajina.

After the ceremony in Sevnica, the participants moved to the Gostišče Dolinšek Guesthouse in Boštanj where, before the meal, they formed the knights’ circle on the meadow in front of the guesthouse and the Slovenian Wine Queen Maja Pečarič announced the wine of the year 2023, Modra Frankinja LUNA 2019 from Crama Kobal.

The evening ended with a dinner in honour of our new confreres, where traditional dishes and young wines from the Posavje region were served and the atmosphere was entertained by soprano Anja Žabkar.

Congratulations to the Slovenian Consulate, Proconsul Tomislav Kovačič and all those involved in the organisation for an exceptional knightly event.

In Honorem Dei et In Honorem Vini!