Local events - OEVE Consulat Romania
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  • 6-8 May 2022 – Destination Vișeu de Sus

On 6-8 May 2022, the Vișeu de Sus Chivalry Destination organized a first local event of a larger scale, at the Dacii liberi Pension in Pâncota.

Event Viseu de Sus 6-8 May 2022

  • 19 Feb 2022 The Knightly Feast in Pitesti, 5th edition

SATURDAY, 19 February 2022, the Pitesti Legate continued the series of regular meetings on the occasion of the Knightly Feast with a wine tasting, a selection made by our brother Dragoș-Marian Oțeleanu.

EV. OEVE Pitesti 19.02.20225th edition.

  • 25-27 Feb 2022 – Bucovina Legacy – Winter Weekend in Cârlibaba

The Bucovina Legate continued its activity, not only through the bi-weekly meetings, in groups of 5 or 10 members, under the auspices of the Good Wines Hunters Club By OEVE Bucovina, but also by organizing a larger event:

Weekend_hibernal_2022-stire, sixth edition. Further information in the attached file.

  • Feb 2022 Meeting of the Chivalric Chair Botosani

S.C Dorohoi-Botoșani marked on 17.02 a knightly event, in a fraternal setting, at the Cucorani Mansion, where the activities of the order were discussed and traditional dishes and exceptional wines were tasted.

Dorohoi Botosani. Cucorani6th edition. Further information in the attached file.