Reception / Accreditation - OEVE Consulat Romania
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Reception / Accreditation

Those who wish to learn more about our organisation are invited to the events we organise, according to our calendar; the list of scheduled events is available under: events calendar – upcoming events.

Our events are public, and can be attended by members of the Order, their families, friends and guests.

Membership of the Romanian Consulate of the OEVE is open to any person domiciled in Romania, over 25 years of age, regardless of sex, nationality, race, political or religious beliefs, of good moral and professional reputation, who embraces the values and principles of the Order and is committed to the noble aims of the Brotherhood.

The candidate must be recommended / endorsed by a member of the Order and accepted by the territorial organisation in which he/she will work.

For further information and for the formalities required for accreditation, please contact, as appropriate, the Consulate, Legate or Chivalric See in the territory of your place of residence (see “Territorial organisation”).

The documents required to be received / accredited as a member of the OEVE are :

  1. Application for accreditation, obtained via the guarantor
  2. Curriculum Vitae in Europass format
  3. Copy of ID card