Wine Knights Manual - OEVE Consulat Romania
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Wine Knights Manual

The Wine Knight’s Manual is intended to be a practical guide, with specific rules for our activity, which – I hope – will result in the fulfilment of the noble mission undertaken, that of transmitting to future generations the multi-millennial wine-growing traditions of our people.

As a useful guide for any member of the Order, the Wine Knight’s Handbook presents, in a comprehensive manner, both our mission and other important aspects of our work, from the objectives we set ourselves, to the presentation of the projects we have in progress or the specific rules of conduct of the knightly activity. Last but not least, the Handbook of the Knights of Wine is useful for all those who want to better understand the origin of the Order, its modus operandi and the way our organisation is structured, from the central body, based in Austria, to the Knights’ Chairs, our local organisations.

I would like to conclude by stressing that the Wine Knight’s Handbook does not aim to, and cannot, replace the OEVE Atlas, the Order’s Knights’ treasure book. It is not intended as a substitute, but as an appendix, its role being to supplement the information in the Atlas with other information specific to the Romanian and Moldovan Consulates of the Ordo Equestris Vini Europae.

OKT Eques Ornatus
Marius Farmazon
Proconsul I, Senator RO