Terra Valachorum - OEVE Consulat Romania
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Terra Valachorum

TERRA VALACHORUM – registered trademark of the Romanian Consulate of the Ordo Equestris Vini Europae – is the name of the wine specially designed for the wine knights by the most representative wine producers in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, at the proposal of the Oenological Commission of the Consulate.

The Terra Valachorum project aims on the one hand to promote the producers selected to make the wine destined for the Knights of Wine and presented at the Annual Ball (the most representative event in the Consulate’s calendar), and on the other hand to create a national brand with deep historical and cultural resonances.

The Terra Valachorum project, like all other projects of the Romanian Consulate of the OEVE, is not oriented towards material profit, the central objective being to highlight the exceptional achievements of our winegrowers.