Stiftungsfest 2011 - OEVE Consulat Romania
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Stiftungsfest 2011

The international knightly Stiftungsfest 2011 was marked by the promotion of Christian ecumenical links between the Orthodox and Catholic churches. Thus, the Haydn Church in Eisenstadt-Austria (where the mausoleum of the great composer Joseph Haydn is located), gathered under its beautiful domes, under the sign of the beautiful knightly friendship, the Bishop of Vienna, Cardinal of Croatia, and the Father Dean of Argeș and Muscelului, OKT Eugeniu Matei, Chaplain of the Romanian Consulate of the Ordo Equestris Vini Europae, who participated together in the religious service preceding the ceremony of the Knights of Wine.

So here is a new success for Her Majesty’s Ambassadors, WINE!