Flame of Peace - OEVE Consulat Romania
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Flame of Peace

On May 20, 2011, on the 623rd anniversary of the first documentary evidence of Pitesti, the inhabitants of the municipality received from the international organization “Flame of Peace”, the Flame of Peace monument. The wood from which the Flame was made comes from a monastery in Austria and is over 200 years old, and the base is made of local stone. The symbolism of the Austrian wood and the Romanian stone symbolizes the bond of friendship between the two countries.

This is the inscription on the pedestal of the monument, located in the centre of Pitesti:

Flame of Peace

This monument is a
reminder and a reminder
at the same time, because always
to think, talk and act
for Peace

An outward sign for Peace
Wood, a symbol for courage, strength, warmth, beauty, and uniqueness
The stone, a symbol for firmness, stability, longevity and intransigence
Donated by

Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen

Sandor Habsburg – Lothringen

20. 05. 2011

The donation was made with the support and through the Romanian Consulate of Ordo Equestris Vini Europae – Legate Pitesti.