About us

Dear friends,

Wine is an integral part of European identity and the aim of the Ordo Equestris Vini Europae (European Order of the Knights of Wine) is to preserve this common cultural heritage in all its diversity and to preserve this heritage for future generations.

The Brotherhood claims its tradition from the medieval chivalric orders, in particular the Order of St. George of 1273, 1308 and 1468 respectively, taking from them the basic principles of chivalry, namely honour, honour, dignity and Christian morality. The Knight’s Cross with 8 points/arrows symbolises the struggle against the 8 miseries of mankind: sickness and abandonment, homelessness and hunger, lack of goodwill and guilt, indifference and lack of faith.

The Ordo Equestris Vini Europae does not neglect charitable works or patronage in the arts either, guiding its work according to the concept:

Only when you overcome envy and begin to commit yourself to others do you truly become a noble man, a knight

Founded in 2007 in the noble tradition of the Wine Brotherhoods, the Romanian Consulate of the European Order of the Knights of Wine – which currently has more than 500 members – aims to promote local cultural values in general, and wine as a cultural asset, part of our national identity, in particular.

Equidistant from denominations, politics, business and group interests, we strive to promote the Romanian wine industry, wineries and wines, as well as the brave entrepreneurs engaged in this remarkable field of activity.

Last but not least, we promote the benefits of responsible wine consumption, as well as developing the skills of recognition and appreciation of fine wines by wine enthusiasts.

True friendship, shared in the company of a noble wine, is the reward for the efforts of fellow knights, guided in their endeavours by the mottoes of the order,